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  • Unlike surfaces made of wood, plastic or stainless steel, copper actually has inherent antimicrobial properties and can kill germs while you sleep. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that copper naturally kills  99.9% of household germs , when
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  • Король Лев (1994) # 47 on IMDb Top Rated Movies »Charlize Theron
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  •         While many things in this small work may appear novel and somewhat odd to those who have not studied Methodism--for too few of our preachers have, and Page vii few of them would be willing to be tested
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  • The Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet , $29, corrals your cash, cards, phone, and other odds and ends in cozy felt and even cozier math equations.Until you build that cyborg bartender, the Perfect Drink , $70—a clever scale that connects to your tablet and
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  • I am a sports enthusiast with a college football background and years of fantasy football experience. I am a public relations professional and concentrate in the field of sports communication. If youre looking to get a quick fix on the days top sports
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  • Four games are in the book and this year’s fantasy trends are starting to poke out their heads.  I stand here with my trusty mallet ready to whack them on the head, toss them in a burlap sack, and throw them in the river hand them to you.Okay, now that
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  • iFollow is the new video streaming service that offers fans based outside of the UK and Ireland the opportunity to watch their club play live! Match passes priced at just £5 for the games listed below are available now.I’ve said it before and
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